When a new corporation is about to be established, the first thing that should be written down is a business approach.

One thing that should be noted here is to be absolutely sure of corporation that is about to be established. Set goals and then plan angle required to get there.

When you think about writing a business strategy plan, it is considered really easy, but when you actually sit down to write it, it becomes though not impossible, but really hard.

When the goal is decided,  you need to develop a corporationlayout plan and a framework will also be required that would be followed. We will discuss m below:

Creating a business strategy plan

The first thing that should be done is figure out position that you are in right now. Before moving forward, look back at your past performances and current situation. Revise mistakesand strong points. So that you could avoid them next time. There’s a tool called SWOT analysis that analyses strengths and weaknesses of a corporation. Use that to further grip your position. You should have a vision.

Strategy for business


After you are doing creating a business layout plan, you need to figure out which kind of method will you be using. Since re are different kinds of corporations, re are different types of strategies for m as well. Opening up a new business, extending your already established corporation etc. are all kinds of businesses. When a company is relatively new in the market, it faces different challenges than those which are already established. If an already established company is suffering a loss, it needs to acknowledge that beforehand. Otherwise, things would get ugly real quick.

Strategies in business

Businesses use different kinds of strategies depending on type of corporation. When a company markets itself as cheapest producer of a certain product or a service, this angle is known as cost leadership.

It is not easy implementing this layout because if one does this, he has to continuously maintain this low cost which is not easy.

Swedish furniture manufacturing company Ikea is an example of this approach.

Since in an industry where almost everyone produces same type of product, companies which adopt differentiation strategies try to sell their products differently than restof companies.

This differentiation is mostly done for part which matters most to customers. Breeze Resorts is a company that uses differentiation strategy.

Third type of method is known as focus strategy. In this strategy, as the name suggests, focus is on a particular type of audience.

In this method, you try to act as the leader and want to make yourself first choice for your targeted audience.

 Redbox is an example of focus strategies.

Example of business strategy plan


The table above is an example of business method. It went through a lot of process before being finalized. When companies follow a model like this, they prepare themselves to enter market. This could be used by any companies, small or huge. It serves as a step by step direction to take the company forward in any particular department e.g. Imports or exports. It should be remembered that no corporation can flourish without a proper and a well thought business strategy.